Money Mission

by Evie Blade

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released July 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Evie Blade Massachusetts

Skills Skills Skills Skills

Swag Money Yolo Drake

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Track Name: Napa Oto Partz
Uhhh evie blade
everyday I run all the streets
Keeping it cool with all of my homieS
Everyday I destroy all of these beats
Running the rap game and I'm only 16
Uhh swag
I have a lot of starfish
In my bag
Of miscellaneous items
That I find In tide pools
That inspire me to rap songs after I write em
my Swags so cool
Like an air conditioner
Rhymes so slick
hair conditioner
I'm the mayor commissioner
Of the rap game
If you have a problem you should probably cut your toenails
You wouldn't want them getting to long
Because that's unhealthy and it might be uncomfortable if you wear tight shoes. I'm just telling you what's right dude
Flow colder than an ice cube
I'm so fly you can call me a kite dude
there's no telling what I might doo
my next rap might be a haiku
So much swag you can call me cai yu
And I can't sim well but hey I can try too
these haterz act ridiculous
tell nick Longo that I beat kid icaris
I'm not kiddin it
It was the easiest game I ever played
Besides the rap game
Cause I play that game every day
this song is for the haterz
Call me darth vader cause I have a light saber
in my free time I pLay space invaders
yung club is my squad and my swag is overloaded
I'm promoted by these voters
Evie blade for president of pluto
Cause my rhymes are cold and I'm setting the precident
the things that I doo though are not hesitant
I just say Yolo cause I've been holding dow the rap game for my entire hometown
Now I'm the baller that everybody knows now
You can call me napa auto parts cause i know how
To get money on the lowdown when u ask me to party you know that I'm so down
My swag will never slow down
If you ever have an ear infection
My music will give you an ear inspection
last time I was in jail when I was in my cell they gave me a phone you can call it a cell phone so that I could call home and ask for bail
But I asked for salad dressin and they didn't pick up so I just left a message
You know there's no regrettin
S is my favorite letter cause swag begins with s
I'm everyones favorite rapper cause they know that I'm the best
I have to follow the quest
To the x marks the swag
You can call me johnny depp
My flag is the skull and cross bones and its set
Up high to signify I like pi you can call me a pirate
So fly you can call me a jet
I forget I washed my hands after I flushed the toilet but if I make u a sandwich then I hope you still enjoy it
uhhh evie blade yo yo yo yo
Track Name: Playing Basketball With My Friends
Uh evie blade
you already know

yo its evie blade and im balling with my friends
two songs that ive made cash flow wont end
no blood no foul
throw me a towell
ballin at the y like a vowell
i actually dont ball at the y that often
too busy making dope rhymes that im droppin
and the haterz better know that im never stoppin
shout out to clevland shoutout to miami
ball is life
and the squad is like my family
i decided to take my talents to southborough
but now im going back to my hometown of northborough
fans cheering for me
way up in the fourth row
ballin game so strong just like my torso
i wish it was back
to the way it was before bro
before all the fame and before all the cash
before the paparazzi tore me up and threw me in the trash
i wish i was back to the time when i rapped to pass time
now i rap like its a crime if i dont every line is provoked
by the haterz that hate and try to make jokes
i put food on my plate and they want me to choke
i just hope i reach my ultimate swag level
cause i know that would be so special
so before i ball i take a power nap
then i show up with my shot wetter than a shower cap
three point line more like a pretty easy shot
ive got my ballin game sewed up in a knot
my team has the ball and you know that were scoring
i look to my left and i see the son of lori
i dont pass it to him cause i know hell mess up
i take it in myself and hit the layup
up by two with alot of seconds left
this game is putting our skills to the test
time to buckle down and play some defense
they throw the ball long and its intercepted by nick hong
he bounces it to me like were playing ping pong
i bounce it to Andrew Warfield to continue the ordeal
he passes it to Cj Hall
who has to lunge for the ball
He then passed it to his bestie anthony alessi
he passed it back lefty and then i launched up the three
jordan mckinley got the ball and he passed it in quickly
Jon Howorth caught the ball and he passed it on over
To his friend jack dowd who was calling for it loud
just so his voice was heard over the crowd
He passed it to dan gagne
who grabbed the ball sadly
he passed it to gavin fraser felix
cause he was the one to seal it
After substitutions i pass the ball to jack edson
he took the ball upcourt in the right direction
he passed it higher
and it went to mark dyer
he passed it right by me and it went to matt reilly
he tossed it to cb who launched it up easy
dave murphy grabbed the ball
cause he knows that hes worthy
he passed it to ben charles brandon beef whose names got combined
whose last names were very hard to rhyme
either that or they only showed up one time
they passed it to connnnnorrrr
because he looked like a snake
who passed it to shaw
who stood there in aww
because this was the first time someone passed him the ball
two hands over his head like he was lifting a cabin
then all of a sudden he was blocked by the ghost of andrew travins
till this day nobody knows how it even happened
but we can play anymore cause the ball was flattened